Join The Testnet

After IRIS Hub 1.0 upgrade of mainnet, Nyancat Testnet starts to operate as a stable application testnet which has the same version as the mainnet, so that the service providers of IRISnet can develop their apps on or interact with IRIShub without running a node or lcd instance.

Public Endpoints

  • GRPC:
  • RPC:
  • REST:

Run a Full Node

Start node from genesis

::tip You must use Irishub v1.1.1 to initialize your node::

# init node
iris init <moniker> --chain-id=nyancat-8

# download public config.toml and genesis.json
curl -o ~/.iris/config/config.toml
curl -o ~/.iris/config/genesis.json

# Start the node (also running in the background, such as nohup or systemd)
iris start


Welcome to get test tokens in our testnet faucet channel

Usage: in nyancat-faucet channel, type "$faucet " + your address on Nyancat testnet, to get test tokens (NYAN) every 24 hours.



Welcome to discuss in our nyancat testnet channel


Welcome to ask for the test tokens in our testnet channels